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Professional laboratory instrument R & D manufacturer

Tianjin Taiste Instrument Co., Ltd. focuses on the field of laboratory instruments, and consolidates the strength of the Taiste brand with product quality. TEST people have been adhering to scientific and technological innovation for 20 years, focusing on the field of experimental instruments for 20 years, and using innovation and technology to achieve customer success and self-improvement.

TEST's values: customer success, innovation is the key, integrity and responsibility.

TEST, founded in 1999, is a leading domestic laboratory instrument research and development manufacturer. Committed to providing the perfect one-stop service for laboratory equipment and helping to build a technology-connected and intelligent laboratory world. At present, there are more than 300 R & D workers in science and technology. The company's business covers all provinces and cities in China, and it has cooperated with more than 100 national key laboratories in China.

TEST provides customers with competitive, safe and reliable products, solutions and services in the field of laboratory instruments, and continuously creates scientific and technological value for customers. TEST adheres to the company's development tenet of “leading innovation and technology”, increasing investment in basic research and development, and accumulating accumulation to promote the scientific and technological progress of laboratory equipment.

Leading innovative technology
Build a brand with international competitiveness
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